Welcome to Saxony Beach in the Lake District of the Saxony campus!  Located on Pennington Road off of 131st Street in Fishers (one street west of Olio), you'll find this family-friendly beach where memories can be made! 

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-7PM Cost: FREE!! What else is offered: Kayaks (on weekends), Beach Yoga (info on site at guard shack), a walking path around the lake, and special fireworks over the lake with kayak rental at night on July 3!

To answer some of your questions: -Is it clean?  Yes!  We found some larger rocks and seaweed in the lake, but otherwise it's very clean and safe for swimming. -Can we eat there?  Yes!  Pack a lunch or dinner and make a day of it! -Is it open for those who don't live in Fishers or Saxony?  Yes!  All are welcome! -Are there bathrooms and picnic tables?  Not yet, but a port-o-let is nearby. 
This is an up and coming area and this beach is brand new for 2012.  With that said, they're still in process of adding picnic shelters, bathrooms, parking, and dining.  In due time, the word is this will be one hoppin' place! 

It's quite a large swimming area and beach front.  We estimate the total open space is roughly 150 yards long (6 indoor pool lengths) and about 10 swimming lanes wide out to the rope boundaries.  For those athletes looking to swim in open water for possible upcoming outdoor events, this would be a perfect spot to get your swim in!  A dock and boardwalk line the back drop across the lake.